R E P U B L I C O F 1

Oh hello there!

My name is Ben and I make games...

I'll start by telling you what I do... but that’s kind of complicated.

Probably the reason you’ve looked me up is that I am an independent games maker. The complication is that this is only part of my time!

My paid work is for the University of Manchester. For them I’m a software developer and researcher in the Centre for Health Informatics, which basically means that I do some really cool coding, UI and data visualisations - and believe it or not some games related work there too.

But as we’ve already said, you’re probably here for games so thats what we should stick to :).

This is litereally the best use of my time!

Why games?

Here’s what I’m not gonna do, I’m not going to tell you why games are really interesting. They’re fun; you’re most likely already into them so you already know that games and games culture are worth all our time to enjoy and interact with.

What I will say is why I think they are amazing and more than just a super-fun entertainment option.

To me, games are intricate little universes of decisions and probability. Complex systems of physics that were designed and then iteratively shaped into a fun or interesting activity for us as their players to mull over.

Regardless of whether they’re built in a computer, on a board or in the minds of the players playing them, games are a unique way for their authors to share and express themselves. A single game is a singular experience. The game of a particular title that’s played between you, me and my brother will be different to any other game than will ever be played before or since.

As a creator that is a tool that is both powerful and genuinely thrilling.

I make games because I like building these systems. Trying to express my ideas and share the things that I find interesting through making a system that makes you think what I think. That’s just magik right there.


There are a couple of projects that I'm working on:

This very website

First things first this website needs more than a content update - so that will be coming soon!


Taking most of my time is SOFTWAR. This is a game that I have been working on properly for a little over a year. It’s a boardgame with the theme of cyberespionage. It was also featured at EGX REZZED 2015 - LEFTFIELD COLLECTION, beating over 300 other titles for one of only twelve slots on the schedule.

The cogs are in motion to build the website for that game. It’s not quite ready yet, but it will be soon. In the meantime there is a preview written by the lovely folks at Big Red Barrel that is worth a look and you can sign up to my mailing list on the existing site to be right up to date with all developments..

Sending out a huge and greatful takk to Andy Broadbent, Gary Maidment, Dom Birmingham and Alex Brooks for additional development of the concept, playtesting and showing at events!


This is less of a project and more of a service. I can design and have made almost any laser cut components. If you want anyting making - I'm your guy! Get in touch and i'll be happy to discuss your project with you.

Most recently I designed and made an overlay compatible with the player boards from the boardgame ECLIPSE.


I am part of PENNINE MEGAGAMES where I help with some of their projects. I also have a megagame that I am building that will be announced in the next month or two and that we’ll be running around March-April 2017.


I have been working on and refining a way to draw games! Under the working title of ludographics I break games down to their smallest working components and can actually build expressive and complete diagrams for the mechanical structure of ANY POSSIBLE GAME*. Think musical notation but for games!
*I can’t prove this but I can say that I have been able to draw all of the games I have been challenged with…


For my work at the University of Manchester and in partnership with the NHS I have been working on the games design and production aspects of a project for CHAMP aimed at 5-11year olds. CHAMP is a team who are part of the national weight and measurement programme working across Greater Manchester.